Progressive Foot Care

Treatment of Toe Deformities (Hammertoes and others)

Toe deformities are progressive and do not resolve on their own. There are numerous treatment options for toe deformities such as hammertoes. Treatment is ultimately dictated by the severity and the biomechanical dysfunction in a patient’s foot that is causing the toe deformity. The doctors at Progressive Foot Care are skilled and experienced in treating toe deformities.

Custom Orthotics and Custom Shoes

Custom orthotics and shoes are a powerful treatment option for toe deformities. Instability and biomechanical dysfunction in the foot is a leading cause of toe deformities. Custom orthotics improve foot function and provide the support the foot needs to slow down and treat toe deformities. Orthotics are also an important part of a patient’s treatment plan to prevent reoccurrence of hammertoes after surgery.

Custom shoes can be made that are fashionable and can address dysfunctional toes without sacrificing style. Patients suffering from toe deformities should avoid wearing pointed toe or high heeled shoes that can cause excessive force against the toes. Shoes with a roomy and wide toe box are recommended.


Padding and strapping can be utilized by patients to provide relief for suffering from toe deformities. Padding and strapping shields irritation points and areas with corns and calluses. Patients with flexible toe deformities can find some relief with strapping to realign toes. However, this relief is usually just temporary. Padding and strapping treatments only address the symptoms of toe deformities and work best when paired with a custom orthotic device.


Surgery is a highly effective treatment choice for toe deformities. Surgery is typically recommend after non-operative treatments have not been successful, or in special cases where surgery is the only option. Surgery for toe deformities typically involves either removing a small portion of bone from the toe or fusing the toe in a more functional and better aligned position.

The doctors at Progressive Foot Care are highly skilled and experienced treating toe deformities. If you are having toe pain or suffering from a toe deformity, please call today to make an appointment.