Progressive Foot Care

Treating Neuroma Pain

Neuromas can be debilitating sources of pain in the foot.  Most neuroma pain can be treated non-surgically and few people require surgical intervention. The doctors’ at Progressive Foot Care have a multi-disciplinary state-of-the-art approach to treating neuromas from various medications, injection therapies, and physical therapy to shoe medications and custom foot orthotics.  

One of the most successful approaches that is offered for treatment of neuroma is custom foot orthotics that are designed with built in modifications to improve foot function and relieve neuroma pain. By removing the sources of irritation by lifting and separating the metatarsals of the foot, orthotic modifications can significantly reduce the pressure on the nerves.

At Progressive Foot Care a full spectrum of treatment options are offered for neuroma pain. If you are suffering from neuroma pain make an appointment with one of the doctors at Progressive Foot care to find out which treatment options are best for solving your neuroma pain.

Treatment options available:

  • Custom orthotics: Custom orthotics are designed to relieve neuroma pain.
  • Injection therapy: Treatments includes injections of cortisone and homeopathic medications with local anesthetics to reduce pain and inflammation.
  • Shoe modifications or custom shoe designs: Shoes can be designed with a wide toe box to specifically lessen pressure on the nerve (see www.drd-lucs.com).
  • Physical Therapy: A physical therapy plan can be designed to help reduce inflammation and pain surrounding the area of the neuroma.
  • Medications:  Oral non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) may be recommended to reduce pain and inflammation.
  • Surgery: Decompression procedures can be performed to lessen pressure on the nerve, or the neuroma can be removed. Surgery is very effective and definitive, and an excellent option after conservative measures have been explored.