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Treating Metatarsalgia Pain

There are number of options for treating metatarsalgia pain, commonly found at the ball of the foot.  Metatarsalgia often presents in an acute and chronic stage. Depending on the stage of presentation will determine the course of treatment.  

Usually metatarsalgia can be solved through conservative measures with changes in footwear combined with a custom made orthotic.  This combination can allow the foot to function more properly as it evenly distributes excessive forces and pressures that cause metatarsalgia pain.

Treatment for acute metatarsalgia involves regular ice and elevation in conjunction with oral anti-inflammatory medications. Prolonged usage of anti-inflammatories can lead to GI upset, hypertension, and blood clots.  More painful cases can even require non-weight bearing for a short period of time. Physical therapy can be very helpful in reducing discomfort, along with routine icing and elevation.

Cortisone injections can be utilized, however they must be used with caution in order to avoid damage to the joints of the foot.  Naturopathic injectables, such as Traumeel and Zeel can reduce the discomfort caused by metatarsalgia while preserving the integrity of the foot.

A more modern approach to metatarsalgia is the usage of Juvederm.  A simple injection creates a beautiful pillow under the ball of the foot, providing long term relief.  This choice of treatment is ideal for women who do not want to part with their high heeled shoes.

When conservative measures fail, surgical intervention is another treatment option for metatarsalgia. Surgical treatment typically involves cutting the metatarsal in precise locations to reposition the bones, allowing for offloading of painful areas.  This is a rather simple and straight-forward procedure with high success rates.

The doctors at Progressive Foot Care have many solutions for treating metatarsalgia pain, from custom shoes and orthotics to surgery and Juvederm injections.  They can guide and advise you on the correct types of shoes, including custom made shoes, and custom orthotics, to ensure proper foot function to prevent and treat metatarsalgia pain. Please make an appointment if you think you’re suffering from metatarsalgia.