Progressive Foot Care

Treating Lateral Foot Pain (Sinus Tarsi Syndrome)

Most Sinus Tarsi pain can be treated effectively with conservative measures. Sinus Tarsi Syndrome can occur following a single traumatic event or series of traumatic events such as recurring ankles sprains that have caused excessive stress and strain to the ligaments below the ankle joint that are responsible for connecting the foot to the ankle. 

Treatment is centered around eliminating inflammation and stabilizing the foot. The doctors at Progressive Foot Care have various options for treating Sinus Tarsi Syndrome from all-natural homeopathic options to the latest advancements in custom foot orthotics and shoes to foot surgery to relieve foot pain. 

Treatment options include:

  • Injection therapy: injections of cortisone and homeopathic medications with local anesthetics can reduce the inflammation that causes pain.
  • Shoe modifications or custom shoes: Shoes can be modified or designed to better accommodate a person’s biomechanical needs or stability issues.  This is available through Dr. D-LuCS: Doctor Designed Luxury Custom Shoes (www.drd-lucs.com)
  • Physical Therapy: A physical therapy plan can be designed to help reduce inflammation and strengthen the foot and ankle stability.
  • Medications:  Oral nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) may be recommended to address pain and inflammation.
  • Surgery: Occasionally necessary, the goal behind surgery is to remove inflamed tissue from the Sinus Tarsi region.  When it is inflamed it is referred to as synovitis, and pain is reduced through joint fusion.

If Sinus Tarsi Syndrome is diagnosed early, it can be treated conservatively with rest, anti-inflammatory medications, physical therapy, orthotics, and changes in foot wear. After a successful course of treatment, patients should follow the preventative measures recommended to prevent pain and inflammation from returning. 

Please call the doctors at Progressive Foot Care if you are experiencing foot pain to set up an appointment.