Progressive Foot Care

Treating Calluses and Hypertrophic Skin in Feet

Treatment for callus and hypertrophic skin in feet can be approached with custom made orthotics, skin moisturizers, and, in some cases, surgery. 

Custom made orthotics are excellent for addressing callus and hypertrophic skin.  They allow the foot to function more appropriately while evenly distributing foot pressures.  Custom orthotics can also prevent and offload excessive pressure points that cause painful callus formation.  They are specialty insole devices that are specific for an individual’s foot, fabricated based upon a thorough biomechanical examination which includes a careful survey of an individual’s walking pattern (gait analysis). 

Keeping the skin well hydrated and moisturized is an important component when treating excessive callus formation. Various creams, lotions, and ointments will keep the skin soft and supple and will aid the body in removing any excessive callus formation. Soft padded socks are also helpful in treating painful callus by reducing excessive pressure and friction in feet.

Surgery is another treatment option for painful reoccurring callus and thickened skin. Surgery can be a permanent solution that can resolve callus formation through reconstruction of the foot to improve foot function. Whether we are addressing thickened skin on a toe or heavy callus on the bottom of the foot, the surgical approach can be very effective.  In some cases, simply removing bony prominences can eliminate callus formation altogether..   

The doctors at Progressive Foot Care are experts in treating callus, hypertrophic skin and generalized foot pain. If you are suffering from foot callus and hypertrophic skin, please call and make an appointment.