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Toe deformities (Hammertoes and others)

Toe deformities are a source of pain and discomfort for many patients. The most common toe deformities include hammer toes, mallet toes, and claw toes. Each of these toe deformities result in some type of bending of one or multiple joints in the toe.

Mallet toe: A mallet toe is a contracture or bending of the end portion of the toe in a downward manner. 

Hammer Toe: A hammertoe is a contracture or bending of the toe toward the floor at the middle toe joint with extension or upward bending at the base of the toe. 

Clawtoes: A claw toe is a deformity of the toe where there are multiple contractures. It is bent upward (extension) at the base of the toe, and bent downward at the middle joint and the end toe joint.

Causes of deformities:
Mallet toe, hammertoe, and claw toe deformities most commonly occur in the lesser digits 2nd through 5th. The deformities are typically the result of a muscle/tendon imbalance causing bending and mechanical changes in the toe that lead to a deformed appearance. All three toe deformities are progressive in nature and can be aggravated by footwear.  Occasionally, some are born with these toe deformities, however, most are acquired and develop over time. 

The most common toe deformity symptoms are the result of improper footwear. Patients complain of pain from wearing shoes that rub against their toes resulting in discomfort, inflammation, and burning sensations. Patients also relate a history of corn and callus formation from shoes irritating their toes and causing a thickening of their skin.  In severe cases toe deformities can result in open sores or wounds that can lead to infection.

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Toe deformities are painful and can be cosmetically unsightly. The doctors at Progressive Foot Care are experts and have years of experience treating toe deformities. If you are suffering from toe pain or are concerned with the way your toes look, please call today to make an appointment.