Progressive Foot Care

Skin Cancer Prevention

Prevention of skin cancer is very important. Most skin cancers can be prevented with a few simple steps.

Wear sunscreen: Wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an sun protection factor, SPF, of at least 15. This includes applying sunscreen to your feet when wearing open-toed shoes or sandals. Don’t forget to reapply sunscreen every two hours and more often when swimming or with excess perspiration. Sunscreen plays an important role in sun protection.

Avoid excess UV rays:  Avoiding tanning beds or sun lamps that emit UV rays. This includes many of the nail dryers at nail salons. The Skin Cancer Foundation has found that using these nail dryers consistently over time can increase a person’s risk of skin cancer. If you decide to use these nail dryers, remember to apply sunscreen before having your nails done and limit your exposure.

Protective clothing: Covering your skin, including your feet, can be an important part of a sun protection program. Protective clothing should be worn on all body parts when spending time outside.

Monitoring/skin self-exams: It is important to monitor and examine your skin daily for new skin growths or any minor changes in existing skin lesions, such as moles, freckles, bumps or birthmarks. When monitoring skin lesions it is important to be aware of the ABCDE warning signs of skin lesions.

Preventing skin cancer can be done with these simple tips and increased awareness.  Monitoring and examining your skin daily is an essential activity.  At Progressive Foot Care, the doctors are well experienced when dealing with lesions of the foot and ankle. If you have any foot pain or concerns, please call to make an appointment today.