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Sesamoiditis Treatment

Sesamoiditis Treatment

Inflammation of the sesamoid bones in the foot can be addressed in several ways.  In addition to x-rays, a bone scan may also be helpful in confirming the diagnosis.  Typically, sesamoiditis can be treated conservatively.

Rest and ice can be helpful in reducing discomfort.  As well, physical therapy in combination with orthopedic paddings and strappings, as performed at Progressive Foot Care, can alleviate the symptoms of sesamoiditis.  Anti-inflammatory oral medication, NSAIDs, may help, as well, in relieving pain.  Custom made orthotics, bracing, and casting may also be effective to treat this condition.  As well, injections of cortisone or other homeopathic anti-inflammatory medications, available at Progressive Foot Care, can be instrumental for resolution of pain. 

While surgery is not usually indicated for sesamoiditis, it is usually appropriate for addressing a fractured sesamoid bone.  This commonly entails the removal of the fractured bone or fixation of the fracture with hardware.

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