Progressive Foot Care

Sesamoiditis Prevention

The painful, inflammatory condition near the ball of the foot referred to as sesamoiditis can be prevented.  It can occur suddenly or develop gradually over time.  The discomfort that it causes can be rather debilitating and reduce one’s ability to walk, stand, or run.

Avoiding barefoot walking can reduce the incidence of sesamoiditis.  By using cushioned and supportive footwear one can prevent inflammation at the ball of the foot.  Also, by utilizing customized orthotic devices, fabricated at Progressive Foot Care, specific and specialized assistance can be added to one’s footwear that can prevent sesamoiditis.

Stretching can also be beneficial in preventing inflammatory conditions in the forefoot.  There are various techniques that can be practiced on a daily basis, such as rolling one’s foot over a tennis ball while sitting or standing.  Massage therapy can also help prevent inflammation, especially after exercise.

The doctors at Progressive Foot Care are available to address all the painful and inflammatory concerns of your feet.  With many years of experience we have several options available for you.  If you suffer from sesamoiditis please call us today to make an appointment.