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Prevention of Hallux Limitus

Hallux Limitus is a painful arthritic condition of the big toe that leads to a loss of motion. This is a progressive deformity that is due to poor biomechanics of the foot, and leads to pain due to the denuding of cartilage off the head of the first metatarsal causing pain from bone to bone contact.  

The doctors at Progressive Foot care have several ways to help prevent the progression of this deformity and treat the pain from Hallux Limitus. Custom made orthotics are a first step to treating and slowing down the progression.  Custom orthotics help to improve a person’s biomechanics of the foot and control the motion while reducing the bone to bone contact of the big toe joint. In conjunction with orthotics, wearing the right type of shoes or utilizing shoe modifications can improve the symptoms of Hallux Limitus.

Range of motion exercises for the big toe joint can help to reduce stiffness and allow for less painful walking.  Bending the big toe upwards and holding it for 30 seconds can be very beneficial for increasing the range of motion.  Then bending it downwards and holding it for 30 seconds can also be helpful.  This routine should be performed 10 times in each direction daily.

The doctors of Progressive Foot Care have treated hallux limitus successfully for decades and can customize a plan for you to prevent the onset of the condition and reduce its severity.  Feel free to contact Progressive Foot Care if you suffer from hallux limitus and make an appointment with one of our doctors.