Progressive Foot Care

Preventing Neuroma

There are a few easy ways to prevent neuroma pain which can keep you walking comfortably for miles.  Wearing appropriate, properly-fitting shoes with custom orthotics is one of the best ways to prevent  neuromas. 

Shoes that compress the tight interspaces between the toes forces excessive pressure on the forefoot which can cause neuromas and pain. High heels and tight, inappropriate shoes are often the main contributing factors. The high pressure on the toes causes irritation on the nerves and leads to inflammation and pain. 

Selecting shoes with a wide toe box allows the appropriate amount of room for toes to move and function properly.  Properly-fitting shoes combined with a custom foot orthotic can relieve and prevent neuromas by lifting and separating the metatarsals of the foot, thereby reducing the pressure on the nerves.  For footwear to fit properly, there usually needs to be 3/8 of an inch  from the tip of the longest toe to the end of the shoe, and shoes should never fit tightly in the width (a snug fit is always best).

The doctors at Progressive Foot Care are experts in treating and preventing neuromas of the foot. They have years of experience in shoe design and offer a wealth of knowledge in orthotic fabrication. If you are suffering from neuroma pain make an appointment with one of the doctors at Progressive Foot Care.