Progressive Foot Care

Preventing Metatarsalgia

Preventing metatarsalgia can be achieved by selecting the correct types of shoes and often pairing shoes with custom orthotics. The cause of metatarsalgia is due to the excessive pounding and overloading of pressure on the ball of the foot. 

Pairing the right shoe with a custom orthotic can allow the foot to function more properly.  When the foot functions properly the pressures and forces caused by walking or running  are evenly distributed throughout the foot.  This reduces overload to the metatarsals.  Maintaining a healthy weight can also help to avoid the pain caused by metatarsalgia.

The doctors at Progressive Foot Care have various options for preventing metatarsalgia. They  can guide you and advise you on the correct types of shoes (including custom made shoes – please see www.drd-lucs.com), and custom orthotics, to ensure proper foot function to prevent metatarsalgia pain. Please make an appointment if you think you’re suffering from metatarsalgia.