Progressive Foot Care

Preventing Lateral Foot Pain (Sinus Tarsi Syndrome)

Lateral pain of the foot and pain in general is typically preventable with proper stabilization of the foot. 

Chronic lateral foot pain is common after a history of ankle sprains or due to flat feet. Often, it is called Sinus Tarsi Syndrome. This particular foot pain can be prevented with custom foot orthotics that provide stabilization to foot in coordination with physical therapy. 

Stabilizing the foot with custom foot orthotics and strengthening the foot and ankle through physical therapy can resolve Sinus Tarsi Syndrome.  It can prevent symptoms caused by standing, walking, and sudden stops, as well.  Custom foot orthotics provide stability to the foot and improves foot function biomechanically.  These medical devices for the feet are made after a complete foot and ankle examination; where weakness in the foot and ankle are identified.  Custom foot orthotics are made from a specific mold of an individual’s foot and built specifically to improve foot function.

Custom orthotics are made at Progressive Foot Care quite often.  Physical therapy is available as well on a daily basis which is beneficial for many foot and ankle conditions.  

If you suffer from foot pain, please call to make an appointment to see one of the doctors of Progressive Foot Care.