Progressive Foot Care

Preventing Dry Skin of the Feet

Dry skin in the feet can be challenging to deal with and is the end result of the skin not retaining a sufficient amount of moisture. Often the best treatment for dry skin is prevention. Small changes in a person’s daily habits and routines can conquer and prevent dry skin in the feet.

  • Do not shower excessively or take short showers in lukewarm or hot water.
  • Use mild or fragrance-free soaps.
  • Use soaps that contain moisturizers.
  • Avoid oil based moisturizers and apply moisturizers when skin is still damp. In general, use ointments or creams instead of lotions.   
  • Stay hydrated, drinking eight glasses of water per day to help with skin hydration .
  • Avoid harsh skin care products that contain alcohol, products with heavy fragrance, antibacterial, retinoids, or alpha-hydroxy acids.
  • Avoid excessive alcohol and caffeine.

Dry skin of the feet can be prevented by following the simple steps above.  If you are suffering from dry foot skin please call and make an appointment with one of the doctors at Progressive Foot Care.