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Preventing Calluses and Hypertrophic Skin in Feet

Callus and hypertrophic skin formation in feet is typically due to some type of biomechanical issue in the foot leading to excessive pressure.  The increased pressure causes thickening of the skin from the friction produced between the foot and its supporting surface.

Preventing calluses and hypertrophic skin can be done relatively easily by wearing the appropriate footwear, often combined with an insole device such as a custom made orthotic. Wearing proper fitting shoes allows for the appropriate support which helps to distribute foot pressures uniformly and prevent calluses.  Socks can also reduce pressure and friction in the feet when worn with shoes as they provide cushion and shock absorption.

Custom made orthotics can help prevent calluses by correcting the dysfunction in the foot and by allowing the foot to function more appropriately. This prevents excessive pressure points which often lead to calluses.  By adding various modifications to custom made orthotics a unique support for the foot is prescribed to address all the patient’s needs, including pressure areas.

The fabrication of custom made shoes and custom made orthotics are services offered at Progressive Foot Care to prevent callus pain and its formation while improving foot function.  For more information about custom made footwear please see: drd-lucs.com

The doctors at Progressive Foot Care are experts in preventing hypertrophic skin and generalized foot pain, and are well versed in custom made orthotics and custom made shoes that are both functional and fashionable. If you are suffering from foot callus and hypertrophic skin, please call and make an appointment.