Progressive Foot Care

Preventing Athlete’s Foot

Athletes foot is a fungal infection of the skin that is easily preventable. Athlete’s foot and fungal infections can be prevented with changes in hygiene that keep the feet cool and dry.  Here are our recommendations to prevent Athlete’s foot:

  • Wear breathable shoes and socks that allow for an exchange of air
  • Wear white socks that can be bleached to remove pathogens and debris
  • Dry in between toes after showering, swimming, and when feet have been in a wet environment.
  • Apply Zeasorb absorbent powder. This can help to reduce moisture and keep feet dry.
  • Wear sandals or other shower shoes when using public showers and swimming pools.
  • If feet are excessively sweaty, apply lamb’s wool inbetween toes to promote dryness.

It is important to prevent first time fungal infections, and the same steps can be used for the prevention of recurrent fungal infections. Athlete’s foot can be a painful and embarrassing foot condition. If you are suffering from a foot fungal infection, call today to make an appointment to see one of the doctors at Progressive Foot Care.