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Pediatric Foot Pain (Coalitions) – Overview

In some children there may be pain towards the middle or rear part of the foot.  This can be a congenital condition (inherited at birth) referred to as a coalition or joining of two bones.  Typically, coalitions prevent motion in the foot and/or ankle and lead to discomfort due to this lack of movement.

The three common types of coalition are: 

  1. Talo-Navicular – a union of the talus and navicular bones at the joint level, usually formed between ages three to five
  2. Calcaneo-Navicular – occurs between the calcaneus and navicular bones from ages eight to twelve
  3. Talo-Calcaneal – found inbetween the talus bone and the calcaneus bone during ages twelve to sixteen
Pediatric Foot Pain

Coalitions are usually found on x-ray, as well as CT scan and MRI.  There are several different treatments for each, as we will discuss in the following blogs.

If your child is suffering from foot pain please make an appointment with the doctors of Progressive Foot Care for proper evaluation.