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Overview of Gout

Gout is a painful inflammatory arthritic condition characterized by a build-up of uric acid in the tissues. Gout often presents in the larger peripheral joints of the body, specifically the big toe joint of the foot. 

This painful condition is caused by collections of uric acid in the tissues with deposits of crystals in the joint.  Uric acid is typically the result of the natural metabolism of purines by an individual’s kidneys. The build-up of uric acid and crystallization in the joints develops from a person producing too much uric acid or the body’s inability to dispel uric acid through the kidneys. Both scenarios result in higher uric acids levels leading to gout. 

The onset of gout begins with a red, hot, and swollen joint with intense pain, and often occurs in the middle of the night. Sudden gout attacks can be so painful that the weight of a bedsheet can cause intense tenderness and discomfort. Patients typically have a history of recurrent and sudden gouty attacks. It can also present in multiple regions of the body, especially in the lower temperature areas, because uric acid crystallizes where the body is cooler. 

Gout can be severely painful and debilitating. If you think you are suffering from gout or any other foot pain, call and make an appointment today to see the doctors at Progressive Foot Care.