Progressive Foot Care

Non-Surgical Bunion Treatments

Bunions are common causes of foot pain and unsightly appearances of feet. Bunions are a progressive disorder caused by a biomechanical abnormality as the structure around the big toe joint no longer functions properly. 

Bunions are characterized as a bump on the side of the big toe as a result of buckling of the metatarsalophalangeal joint. This buckling can lead to an angulation of the big the toe toward the 2nd toe. 

There are various non-surgical treatment options to relieve bunion pain. 

One of the most effective treatment options to relieve bunion pain is the usage orthotics. These custom made shoe inserts have the ability to correct the biomechanical abnormalities of the foot. Orthotics are designed to address the issues that are causing or exacerbating the bunion deformity.  

The doctors at Progressive Foot Care conduct a thorough examination of the feet and evaluate the way a person walks to identify all the possible biomechanical issues (known as a gait analysis). By understanding how all the joints in the feet and the entire lower extremity function, an effective custom made orthotic device can be prescribed to greatly benefit the patient in many ways.

Custom made shoes can also be helpful in the treatment of bunion pain. Stylish and supportive shoes are available through Dr. D-LuCS, an innovative and bespoke footwear company founded by Dr. Bruce Pinker.   

Patients may also experience relief of bunions through physical therapy and anti-inflammatory injections. There are various physical therapy options available to reduce inflammation and bunion pain.  All natural (homeopathic) non steroid injections are also available to lessen foot pain.  

Orthopedic foot strappings and tapings can also be effective pain relief options which are offered in our office. These techniques  add extra support and balance to an individual’s foot and ankle while providing cushion and control of all the major joints. 

If you are experiencing bunion deformities or bunion pain in your feet, call the doctors at Progressive Foot Care for an appointment.