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Lateral Foot Pain (Sinus Tarsi Syndrome) Overview

Foot pain can be caused by a number of conditions, but recurring injuries and poor biomechanics can affect foot and ankle stability and can cause chronic foot pain. Foot pain on the outside of the foot near the ankle is commonly due to a condition referred to as Sinus Tarsi Syndrome. The condition is often characterized by persistent pain on the outside of the foot that extends to the ankle and is typical in individuals with recurrent ankle sprains or chronic foot instability. Symptoms are often aggravated by standing, walking, sudden stops, and are commonly associated with people that suffer from flat feet. 

The Sinus Tarsi is a small opening between the ankle joint and heel bone.  It is found on the top and outside (lateral) of the foot and may referred to as the eye of the foot. Within the Sinus Tarsi are ligaments that are critical for controlling the motion of the foot when a person walks and stands, and it is important for stabilizing the rearfoot. 

Sinus Tarsi syndrome can occur following a single traumatic event or series of ankle sprains that cause excessive stress and strain to ligaments below the ankle joint.  These ligaments are responsible for connecting the foot to the ankle.

Treatment for Sinus Tarsi Syndrome is concentrated around stabilizing and strengthening the foot with orthotics and physical therapy along with reducing the inflammation of the ligaments of the foot with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications (NSAIDs) and injection therapy.  At Progressive Foot Care we provide physical therapy for this condition in our office with our highly trained staff and modern medical equipment.

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