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Hallux Limitus Treatment

In addition to performing extensive range of motion exercises to increase joint mobility, cortisone Injection therapy is an option for treatment for Hallux Limitus.  It can help reduce pain and inflammation. Naturopathic injectables, such as Traumeel and Zeel are another safe and natural treatment option. Traumeel and Zeel injections can reduce the discomfort caused by Hallux Limitus while preserving the integrity of the big toe joint.  Physical therapy can improve the motion and minimize pain, as well, such as electrical stimulation, ice, heat, whirlpool, and ultrasound therapy.

Custom made shoes and custom made orthotics can be fabricated to address the needs of the Hallux Limitus patient.  Special modifications must be added to the shoes and orthotics to improve range of motion of the big toe joint.  These techniques have been utilized over many decades and have proven to be very successful.

Most non-surgical options are effective treatment options for Hallux Limitus in its mild to moderate stages.  In some cases, surgery is necessary to eliminate severe pain.  Surgical procedures range from minimally invasive surgery to remove excessive arthritic bone to reconstructing the joint to potential fusions or big toe implants to improve range of motion.

Recovery from the surgical procedures is rather simple and easy with most patients walking right afterwards.  They are performed in the outpatient setting and are usually covered by most insurance plans.

The doctors at Progressive Foot Care have many powerful solutions for treating Hallux Limitus pain, from custom shoes and orthotics to physical therapy to surgery.  They can guide you and advise you on the correct types of  custom made shoes and custom orthotics, to ensure proper foot function to treat Hallux Limitus pain. Please make an appointment if you think you’re suffering from this painful foot condition.