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Hallux Limitus Overview: A Source Of Great Toe Pain

Great toe or big toe pain can be a common complaint when it comes to foot problems. It is typically one of the most common areas of pain because it is one of the most heavily used joints of the foot. The big toe is used with every step taken. In some individuals, osteoarthritis forms leading to a reduced range of motion and to the condition called Hallux Limitus. It is a progressive and painful disorder of the big toe or first metatarsal phalangeal joint with a loss of range of motion due to osteoarthritis. 

Doctors are unsure of the specific cause of Hallux Limitus, but most physicians have formed a  consensus that faulty mechanics with inappropriate footwear, overuse, inflammatory disease such as rheumatoid arthritis, genetics, and trauma are all contributing factors that lead to formation of Hallux Limitus. 

Common symptoms of Hallux Limitus:

  • Pain and stiffness when moving the big toe 
  • Pain in the big toe joint when walking, running, or squatting 
  • Pain in lower back or other areas of the lower extremity with big toe pain at the end of the day
  • Pain and stiffness aggregated by cold and damp weather 
  • A firm bump around the first metatarsal phalangeal joint with callus formation

Hallux Limitus is a painful disorder of the foot; however, the doctors at Progressive Foot Care are experienced in solving this condition and have many options for treatment.  If you are suffering from great toe pain, please making an appointment with the doctors at Progressive Foot Care.