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Foot Blisters Overview

Most everyone has had one, but no one enjoys them. Foot blisters. The formation of a foot blister can be rather painful, annoying and difficult to manage.

There are many causes of foot blisters; however, the most common cause of blisters on the foot is friction and shearing forces. Blisters form on the foot due the microclimate created by a person’s socks and shoes.

A blister can form when a person’s foot sweats and there is repetitive motion, leading to redness and irritation that often leads to a fluid-filled sac. When a person’s foot sweats, it causes the sock to stick to the skin. The sticking of the sock combined with pulling and pushing forces of walking and running causes the underlying layers of the skin to rub against one another producing the friction that causes blisters. This can also happen wearing sandals or other types of shoes due to improper fitting or excessive moisture combined with the friction of the shoes when walking or running.

It is important to wear breathable socks and shoes that reduce moisture when involved in activities that cause us to perspire. Properly fitting shoes also reduce foot sliding and excessive motion in a person’s shoe. Blister formation is undoubtedly most commonly due to the friction and shearing forces; however, there are other skin conditions such as fungal infections and rare skin conditions that can cause painful blisters.

Proper care should to be taken to avoid and treat blisters. If left untreated or treated incorrectly, foot blisters can cause serious infections. If you currently experience frequent foot blisters or have excessive amounts of redness around blisters, call to make an appointment to see one of the doctors at Progressive Foot Care.  The doctors are experts in treating blisters and other foot concerns.