Progressive Foot Care

Foot Blister Prevention

Foot blisters are a common injury among most active individuals and can be painful and annoying. Most often, foot blisters are caused by the combination of friction and moisture. Preventing excess friction in shoes can prevent the formation of blisters.

How to prevent foot blisters:

  • Proper footwear that fits correctly is imperative in blister prevention. Shoes should fit slightly snug in width.  There should be ⅜ to ½ an inch in length from the longest toe to the end of the toe box.
  • It is important to wear breathable shoes that can prevent excess moisture between the sock and shoe.
  • Wear breathable socks that wick moisture away from the feet (ideally 65% cotton and 35% polyester).
  • For those whose feet sweat excessively, foot powders can be helpful in reducing moisture.
  • Wearing orthotics and the appropriate shoes can reduce the friction and pressure on one’s feet.
  • Apply lotion to feet that are prone to dryness.  Always be sure lotion is absorbed completely.  This will help lessen the amount of friction and prevent blisters.

If you are suffering from painful foot blisters, call to make an appointment to see one of the doctors at Progressive Foot Care. The doctors are experts in dealing with foot blisters and many other foot deformities