Progressive Foot Care

Bunion Surgery Procedures

At Progressive Foot Care we specialize in foot surgery, developing a customized approach to address the specific needs of each patient.  Individuals who do not experience relief from non-operative bunion treatment will find surgical options very beneficial.  

Not all bunion deformities are created equally.  There are several options to be considered prior to surgery.  Unless congenital, bunions are a result of a dysfunction in the foot. Surgery typically involves removing the large bump of the first metatarsal, or toe, and rebalancing the big toe joint to create better alignment of the toe. The severity or complexity of the deformity will dictate the type of surgical procedure necessary to provide correction. 

Silver Bunion Procedure:
A Silver bunionectomy is a minor procedure that involves simply removing the large bump of the first metatarsal. It is indicated in younger patients with relatively small or simple bunions who do not have much instability at the big toe joint. This procedure requires very little recovery time.  

Austin Bunion Procedure:
An Austin or Chervon bunionectomy is a procedure for mild to moderate bunion deformities This procedure involves removing the large bump of the first metatarsal, as well as repositioning the bone to rebalance the forces and align the big toe. There is little recovery for this procedure.  Patients can bear weight afterwards in a flat bottomed shoe provided the day of surgery and shortly return to regular footwear.

Lapidus Bunion Procedure:
A Lapidus bunionectomy is a procedure for moderate to severe bunion deformities. This procedures involves removing the large bump of the first metatarsal and repositioning and balancing the forces of the big toe joint through a simple fusion in the mid-foot region. This allows for more definitive correction of a large bunion and provides better support. There is some down time with this procedure requiring a short period of non-weightbearing, but most patients experience long term relief and are very happy with results.

Surgery has a high success rate for management of bunion deformities.  No matter what your foot problem may be, the doctors at Progressive Foot Care are available to evaluate and treatment your feet. Please call for an appointment today.