Progressive Foot Care

Bunion Prevention

Bunions are a painful and progressive deformity of the big toe joint.  While some are born with bunions, they are usually the result of unstable mechanics of an individual’s foot and can often be avoided.

Wearing appropriate shoes is paramount to preventing the formation and progression of bunion deformities. Shoes with an appropriate arch support and a deep, wide toe box are key for bunion prevention.

Custom made orthotics combined with well-made shoes can prevent bunions since most individuals develop bunions due to flat feet or an excessive amount of motion in their gait cycle at inappropriate times. Wearing the correct shoes and custom orthotic devices controls the excessive motion and can prevent a bunion from developing. Shoes that are tight in the toe box, and high heeled shoes that increase pressure at the big toe joint, should be avoided to prevent bunion pain.

The doctors at Progressive Foot Care are experts in bunion deformities.  As well, they are specialists in footwear. They can advise and even design custom made footwear for your appropriate foot type (see www.drd-lucs.com).  Most fashionable shoes can be inappropriate for your feet if you are suffering from bunion pain and they can worsen your condition.  If you have are suffering from bunion pain, please make an appointment.